The Motor Industry Won’t Benefit the Environment

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“…won’t benefit the environment”

The motor industry has been grabbing headlines over recent months but among the coverage has been a great deal of inaccurate theories and perceptions. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has developed as a portal to gain truthful insight into the UK automotive sector.
Below are a selection of the inaccurate comments we have seen about the industry and the detail needed to help separate the fact from the fiction.

“A scrappage scheme won’t benefit the environment.”

Fiction: A scrappage scheme won’t benefit the environment.

The average car is 14.5% cleaner than a pre-2000 model. Taking older cars off the road and replacing them with greener alternatives will reduce road transport emissions.

factsIn 2008, average UK new car emissions fell by their biggest ever rate. The fall of 4.2%, nearly three times the average was achieved steadily throughout 2008 as an increasing array of environmental products were launched. Although the number of cars on the road and average journey distance may have increased, emissions from road transport continue to fall.

Cars now account for just 11.5% of the country’s total CO2 emissions, largely resulting from new technology and improved fuel consumption delivered through consistent fleet renewal which scrappage incentive schemes aim to encourage. Regardless of the new model, its emissions will be considerably less than the one it is replacing.

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