Customers Grow Business


Growing your business can often be hard work. But, sometimes we overlook the most basic and easiest strategies. You have to leverage what you have in order to get more of what you want.

Even if you only have one client, you have a powerful ally in building your business. Here are some of the best ways to maximize your client’s value: 

1. Testimonials
Testimonials can be extremely useful for all businesses. When you are marketing yourself to provide very personal and intangible services (like financial planning, personal care services, real estate) it helps to have satisfied clients as references. People hire people they trust. If you’re selling high-priced products, a testimonial from a happy customer can help overcome sticker shock. So, make sure to ask your clients for a short paragraph or two about how you have helped them. Ask them to provide specific examples instead of being general. For instance, “Joe has helped me get my life back on track” is not as compelling as “Joe helped me find ways to work more efficiently so I have more time for my personal life”.

2. Referrals
Who better to send you business than someone who understands what you can do?
There are several important considerations in order to create a stream of referrals. First, educate your clients about your target audience. Who would make an ideal client for you? Use client situations to make it as real world as possible. Then, make sure that you make referrals a part of your conversation with your clients. Please make sure that your clients are pleased before you ask for a referral. It is essential to check-in with your customers regularly to make sure that they are still happy with your service or product.
Marketing is mainly telling people what you do. Enlist an army of people to spread the word and you’ll make your job a whole lot easier. And more satisfying.