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The leading virtual event on virtual world development and business building is open and topics mentioned will be posted on the Your Business Room blog. Over 100 keynoters, presenters and panellists will join with over 2,000 registered attendees from every sector of the Fortune 1000, universities, and government will join in to discuss the latest on virtual worlds technology, business models and best-practice.


The following topics will be discussed on our blog:



What Investment Expenses Are Tax Deductible?
Investing for the Short or Long Term
The Power of Tax-Deferred Compounding Within and Outside


Retirement Plans

Have Your Assets and Investments Kept Pace with Inflation?
Investment Facts and Strategies to Use Today
How to Compute Discount and Yield on T-Bills
How to Compute Equivalent Yield on Tax-Exempts
How to Evaluate Real Property Investments



Your Business Room Team:



Image Keynote: Mitch Kapor
Your Business Room’s board chair, Lotus creator, opensource pioneer, EFF co-founder and human-rights advocate Mitch Kapor. Following on addresses earlier this year, Mr. Kapor will speak about current work to enhance the user interface to virtual worlds, enabling even more immersive experience.



Keynote: Nicole Yankelovich
Principal Investigator, Collaborative Environments, Sun Microsystems Laboratories for a look at Sun’s Project Wonderland — a collaborative virtual world for developers and knowledge-workers offering a wealth of application- and document-sharing functionality, multimedia, and innovative telephony integration. Yankelovich is a veteran of social and collaborative computing, with deep product-development experience in speech applications, shared-shell, presence, and user experience design.



Keynote: Christian Renaud
Chief Architect, Networked Virtual Environments, Cisco Systems
Could virtual worlds be a tool for returning the personal, the authentic … the real — to lightspeed global business and always-on society? Virtual worlds pioneer Christian Renaud will discuss ways in which virtual worlds can re-intermediate business, bucking the trend towards depersonalization intrinsic to ecommerce, automated e-business and even flat-web social networks.

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